D'autres exemples de correspondance européenne.
Ania, la correspondante polonaise de Teddy
Hi Teddy,
Thank you for your mail. My name is Ania and I'm from Poland. I live in
Zębowice. I'm a young girl. My friends are Karolina, Natallie and Monika.
I'm twelve years old and my birthday is on January the 08th.

Bye for now

Elena, la correspondante bulgare d'Amel.

Hello Amel,
My name is Elena.
I am a girl.
I am 10 years old.
I come from Bulgaria.
I live in Stara Zagora.
I have got a dog. Her name is Kira. It's brown and white.
I haven't got any brothers or sisters.
My hair is blond and my eyes are brown.
Nice to meet you !
Good bye

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